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Watch “Arrow” Star Stephen Amell on “American Ninja Warrior”

Stephen Amell plays a superhero on television’s Arrow. He’s an actor, not an actual superhero, but you might think otherwise after you watch him attack the American Ninja Warrior course like it’s no big deal.

It was all to raise money for charity as a part of Red Nose Day. Amell earned $5,000 for each obstacle he completed. His total by the end of it was $35,000 and yes, it did include a salmon ladder.

Amell is known for doing many of his own stunts on Arrow. The guy is ridiculously fit and he goes through the challenging course as though it doesn’t take any effort at all. It’s like he’s skipping through a field of daisies.

Even when Amell at the last obstacle, he doesn’t look the least bit bothered. He’s not out of breath. His arms aren’t shaking. He looks like he could just hang out there for hours. He even addresses the crowd, letting them know he’s done before dropping into the pool below.

Check out Amell on the American Ninja Warrior course and see if you don’t wonder whether the guy is maybe a superhero, playing an actor, playing a superhero, and we just haven’t figured it out yet. He definitely looks like he could pull it off after doing this bit of crazy.

We can't believe our eyes! Watch Stephen Amell glide through the course in our partner M&M's U.S.A. Run of the Night.

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