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Why Avoiding Star Wars at Disney World is Impossible

This weekend we planned an escape to Walt Disney World in Florida. This isn’t a full-blown vacation, just a long weekend to get away from things and have some fun. It is warm and sunny and wonderful, but I am finding one thing to be an unexpected challenge. There is Star Wars everywhere and I ... More »

Totoro Meeples Have Convinced Me to Finally Watch My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro is hugely popular. He’s on shirts and mugs and people even cosplay the character at conventions. I know exactly who he is, but I have never watched My Neighbor Totoro. It all stems from not being a fan of anime, but dang is Totoro cute. I came across a bag of Totoro meeples at ... More »

A San Francisco Bar Straight Out of Interview with the Vampire

One of my favorite books, Interview with the Vampire, begins in San Francisco. The 1994 movie starts with the camera panning over the city from the ocean and swooping over the ferry building clock tower. I think of vampires every time I see that building and I saw it when I arrived in San Francisco ... More »

Jurassic World Trailer Recreated With Hot Dogs, Because Why Not? [Video]

No, I did not make a typo in that headline. What you are about to watch is the trailer for Jurassic World¬†remade with hot dogs standing in for the humans. There’s also one guy who is a burrito, but otherwise it’s all hot dogs. The video is the work of comedian Annie Lederman who clearly ... More »

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