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Sir Roger Moore Dies, Who Was Your James Bond?

Sir Roger Moore, who played James Bond in seven movies, passed away at age 89 after a battle with cancer. His Bond films included Moonraker, Live and Let Die, and Octupussy. Was he the best James Bond? That’s long been a source of argument among fans, but for those like me whose first Bond film ... More »

“Twin Peaks” – Watching the Old Show for the First Time

Twin Peaks first aired back in the early ’90s. I was a full-time college kid with a full-time job and the last thing I could fit in my schedule was time to watch a quirky television show. It seemed like everyone was into it, including my boss. She started bringing donuts into work on a ... More »

“Star Trek: Discovery” Trailer – Does it Deliver?

It’s time for another dose of Star Trek with a new series debuting on CBS this fall. Star Trek: Discovery takes us to a time before Captain James T. Kirk and promises to give all us Trekkies a chance to tune in and boldly go with a whole new crew. I’m cautiously optimistic. I suppose ... More »

VIDEO: A Hot Wheels Race Tribute to the ’80s

Who didn’t love Hot Wheels when they were a kid? If you didn’t, then go away because there is clearly something wrong with you. This video shows the Hot Wheels course we all wished we could build, but never had the skills to pull off. Also, Moms never let you play with fire, which makes ... More »

“The Orville” First Look: Will the “Star Trek” Parody Work?

The trailer for the upcoming Fox series The Orville is making the rounds this morning. It debuted yesterday and now everyone is all kinds of excited to see Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek parody or Star Trek-inspired comedy or whatever the heck you want to call this sci-fi tidbit. I loved the trailer for about 15 ... More »

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