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VIDEO: A Hot Wheels Race Tribute to the ’80s

Who didn’t love Hot Wheels when they were a kid? If you didn’t, then go away because there is clearly something wrong with you. This video shows the Hot Wheels course we all wished we could build, but never had the skills to pull off. Also, Moms never let you play with fire, which makes ... More »

Was the A-Team Worth It?

Last week I posted about how excited I was to see The A-Team movie.  I wrote of my hopes that it would live up to the original, admittedly cheesy, 80’s show.  Well, now I’ve seen the movie.  I spent my hard earned cash to buy a seat in a stuffy movie theater, ate what turned out to ... More »

The A-Team….Battlestar Galactica Win or Knight Rider Fail?

cross-posted at This Friday night I will head to the movies, buy an overpriced popcorn and soda, then sit back and watch The A-Team.  I was a huge A-Team fan when I was a kid because The One True Starbuck, Dirk Benedict, played Faceman.  Remember that bit in the credits when the Cylon walks by and he does a double-take?  Yeah, ... More »

Star Wars as The A-Team

I have a long standing love of Dirk Benedict.  It began when he played The One True Starbuck.  It continued when he was Faceman on the A-Team.  The scene in the credits where the Cylon walks by and he does a double-take gets me every time.  They’re doing an A-Team movie that’s due out next June and he’s supposed ... More »

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