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Watch “Arrow” Star Stephen Amell on “American Ninja Warrior”

Stephen Amell plays a superhero on television’s Arrow. He’s an actor, not an actual superhero, but you might think otherwise after you watch him attack the American Ninja Warrior course like it’s no big deal. It was all to raise money for charity as a part of Red Nose Day. Amell earned $5,000 for each ... More »

Why ‘The Flash’ is Now My Favorite

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve fallen seriously behind on my favorite shows, including The Flash. I managed to catch up on Arrow and was completely confused by the finale so, given that the two are so entwined, I was nervous about The Flash. Turns out, the finale was one of the best episodes ... More »

What the Heck is Up With ‘Arrow?’

Arrow is confusing. I can’t figure out what the deal is from week to week and the season finale has left me, and probably everyone else, even more confused than usual. What the heck is going on with this show? Warning: Spoilers if you haven’t seen all of Season 3. I enjoy watching Arrow, and ... More »

Hey, Arrow, Is It Too Late To Start Watching You Again?

Sometimes shows that you think are going to be great start off strong, but then lose their way. No matter how excited you are for the characters and stories, no matter how much you want to love it, and no matter how much you may love the first few episodes, something goes wrong. You keep ... More »

“Arrow” Is Parkour Superhero Fun From Start To Finish

Each new Fall television season I hope beyond hope that a show will grab my attention and demand I watch without fail every week. Just one. Even though there are usually at least a half dozen that look like they will be amazing, I know that’s asking too much and most of them won’t meet ... More »

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