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Michelin Aims to Keep Teen Drivers Safe by #SharingSafety

It’s a pretty safe bet that no one looks back on their days in driver’s ed with fondness. There were lots of random facts to learn, lots of boring videos to watch, and surprisingly little time behind the wheel of a car learning how to drive. My best tips came not from a class, but ... More »

T-Shirts and Posters For Gearheads are On Sale at Blipshift

There is nothing quite so comfy and relaxing as a t-shirt. They’re perfect with everything from jeans to shorts and you can never have too many. Most of what I own is geeky, no big surprise, but I also happen to love cars. If you’re into cars and you want to increase your summer wardrobe, ... More »

Annual #FordTrends Conference Takes a Glimpse into the Future

The car you drive today is a very different one than the car you drove 20 years ago. Heck, it’s very different from the one you drove 10 or even 5 years ago. This is all thanks to an industry that has continued to innovate and improve its vehicles and processes with each new model ... More »

Zero Emissions Vehicles Are Here, Why Aren’t We All Driving One?

Our cars have become quite the technological wonders over the last few years. It’s most visible when you look at the infotainment system on your dashboard, but a lot of the most impressive technology isn’t something you see everyday. What’s happening under the hood with hybrid, electric, and zero emissions vehicles is incredible and it ... More »

Getting Women Behind the Wheel at 2015 Heels and Wheels

There are dozens of automotive events held throughout the year, with journalists and bloggers invited to drive and learn about a brand’s latest offering. I am fortunate to attend some of these events and Heels and Wheels is the most unique of the bunch. Not only does it have cars from different companies all in ... More »

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