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Sci-Fi, Where Are You?

Mal and Kaylee at NYCC, Image: Nicole Wakelin Several years ago we ditched cable because it seemed we were getting more reality shows than anything else and paying a ridiculous amount for the privilege. Instead we stream the shows we want to see and even paying by the episode for a few still puts us ahead ... More »

TV Finales, I Want Answers!

Last night I finished watching the BBC version of Life on Mars.  I missed it when it originally aired so it’s been coming to me a disc at a time through Netflix.  Yesterday, I received the last disc with the final two episodes and I could not wait to pop it into the player.  If ... More »

The A-Team….Battlestar Galactica Win or Knight Rider Fail?

cross-posted at This Friday night I will head to the movies, buy an overpriced popcorn and soda, then sit back and watch The A-Team.  I was a huge A-Team fan when I was a kid because The One True Starbuck, Dirk Benedict, played Faceman.  Remember that bit in the credits when the Cylon walks by and he does a double-take?  Yeah, ... More »

Caprica, Just a Frakkin’ Excuse

I watched the original Battlestar Galactica back when Starbuck was a guy who smoked cigars.  I was loyal through Galactica 1980 whose only possible redeeming quality was flying motorcycles.   And I watched the most recent incarnation on SyFy and was left confused, sad, and a bit unfulfilled by the ending.  So, of course, I am currently watching ... More »

Dice, Husbands and Battlestar Galactica

In addition to me being a Total Fan Girl, my husband is a Total Gamer Geek.  The two have a lot in common since people who love sci-fi and fantasy tend to be into games and there are so many cool ones in those genres!  For example, I just received a call this afternoon from our local ... More »

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