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GenCon 2016 – The Best Not Quite Four Days in Gaming

GenCon 2016 was not my first GenCon, but it was without a doubt my most grueling. There was the usual chaos of travel and hotels and gamers, but this year we had to pack it into less than the usual number of days. It had a lot to do with the real world getting in ... More »

“Mmm, It’s Got New Game Smell!” or The Joy of Raising Gamer Girls

Some of our many, many games. Image: Nicole Wakelin My husband is an avid gamer and I’ve become a bit of one myself over the years, so it was only natural that my kids would become gamers, too. It wasn’t something we tried to do, more something that just sort of happened. Every family starts ... More »

PAX East, Is It Over Already?!

Three days of games, games, and more games at PAX East have just come to an end and I am already counting the days until next year. It always seems like three days will be plenty of time to see and do it all, but I still walk away every Sunday wishing I had just ... More »

Game Review: Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

The new Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games was one of the must-have games at Gen Con last week. I bought it along with the expansions and drooled copiously over the not yet available ships that were previewed. Read on to get all the details on this fantastic game. First, let’s look ... More »

Playing All The Games At GenCon 2012

This year marked the 45th anniversary of The Best Four Days In Gaming, better known as GenCon, in Indianapolis, Indiana. I spent nearly every minute of those four days playing games, or at least drooling over the ones I wanted to cram into my suitcase. Here are some of the highlights of the convention. Fantasy ... More »

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