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Geek Girls Network Podcast #29 Baker Street Babes

This week we have special guest Kristina Manente from The Baker Street Babes podcast with us to talk about all things Sherlock Holmes! And we give poor Benedict Cumberbatch, TV’s latest Holmes, some cute nicknames he probably wouldn’t appreciate as much as the three of us. Download GGNP Episode 29 Subscribe in iTunes And for your comments ... More »

Magic the Gathering, Seinfeld and Dating

Once again the Geekverse is in a genuine tizzy. Tempers are flaring. Tweets are flying and everyone is crying foul over a Gizmodo post by Alyssa Bereznak. The post will likely make you angry enough to flex your fingers in preparation of firing an angry missive in her general direction. Why? Because she was horribly critical of a recent date set up through an ... More »

San Diego Comic-Con or Bust!

There are conventions, and then there’s San Diego Comic-Con. We’re talking 4 days (and a preview night) of celebrities, panels, advance screenings, cosplay, parties and everything the geek masses could possibly want all gathered together in one place, along with 130,000 people. I’m making my first trip to SDCC this year, and in between jumping ... More »

Geek or Poseur? Here We Go Again…

Criticism of the new Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella, has struck a bit of a chord.  I wonder if she realized that referring to herself as a “history geek” would cause such a ruckus?  The following email was sent to me by a geek who feels the criticism was completely ridiculous.  At this person’s request, they ... More »

Geek Girls Network Podcast #14 Bonnie Burton of

What better way to celebrate May the Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day, than with a special guest! Bonnie Burton, writer at, author of The Star Wars Craft Bookand Geek Girl Extraordinaire joins us to talk about being a Geek Girl, her love for all things Star Wars and why you should never, ever let your dog ... More »

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