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The Wonderful Crazy of Attending an Auto Show

My #FordNAIAS Welcome Kit Nerds have conventions like SDCC and NYCC, but gearheads have their own versions of these fan conventions. There’s the LA Auto Show and the New York Auto Show, but the big one is, of course, the Detroit Auto Show. It even has an acronym, NAIAS, because every good show needs an ... More »

What To Do When a Favorite Convention Suddenly Loses Its Luster?

Sad Weeping Angels just broke up with a con. If you’re into anything pop culture, then you likely have been to a few conventions. It could be Star Trek, Star Wars, board games, video games, or just about anything because there is a convention for every one of our obsessions. The big ones like SDCC ... More »

That Time I Hung Out With Ford at The Detroit Auto Show

Unveiling the new Ford F-150 #FordNAIAS The Detroit Auto show is a big deal. Technically, it’s the North American International Auto Show or NAIAS because lots of words and acronyms you can’t really pronounce are a sure sign of an event’s big deal-ness. I have always wanted to go to the Detroit Auto Show and ... More »

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