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These Geeky Bow Ties are Perfect for the Holidays

The holidays are officially here. The second after we all finish inhaling that Thanksgiving turkey is when the parties and celebrations and random get-togethers happen. If I look at the next month, it’s packed with fun stuff, some of which requires getting fancy. Some of it also requires me having a date, which is automatically ... More »

Doctor Who: Time Traveller’s Journal is Your Personal Wibbly-Wobbly Adventure

Imagine, for just a moment, that you’re the Doctor’s latest companion. You are about to embark on a life fraught with peril and adventure and aliens and bow ties. It will be amazing and you don’t want to forget a minute, so you need a journal. The Doctor Who: Time Traveller’s Journal lets you imagine ... More »

Pantone Creates Minion Yellow. How About TARDIS Blue, or Red Shirt Red?

Pantone has released its first color in 3 years and they’ve labeled it Minion Yellow. It is bright and Minion-y and I very much approve of naming an official color after little yellow creatures bent on helping an evil overlord take over the world. It’s a fantastically nerdy color, but what I want to know ... More »

Ten Years Since The Doctor Returned and Stole Our Hearts

It was ten years ago today that Doctor Who returned to television with an episode titled,’Rose.’ I didn’t want to watch because the show scared me when I was little, but my husband insisted. Childhood fears firmly in mind, I watched the show and completely fell in love with the Doctor. It’s hard to believe ... More »

Doctor Who Cupcakes – Tastier on the Inside

You guys! If you know me then you know I love cupcakes. One might possibly even say that I’m obsessed with cupcakes and have been known to drive hours out of my way to try a new shop. I also happen to be something of a Whovian. Today my worlds collided in these incredible prints ... More »

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