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Here’s How You Put a Dragon in Your Yard

Have you ever seen those goofy pink flamingos that people put in their yards? What about garden gnomes? None of those are as cool as these incredible Flamingo Dragons. They’re each handmade by Etsy seller CedarMoon Studios and come in all different colors, shapes, and themes. You can even contact them directly to arrange for ... More »

Behold! My Daughter’s D&D Dragon Cake!

The Dragon Cake! I’ve been talking about this cake for weeks, so here it is! This is the dragon cake that we had over the weekend to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. It was quite the extravaganza. Instead of being just one party, we had two separate days to celebrate. The first day was her epic ... More »

Today is The Day of the Dragon Cake

My kids are becoming avid Dungeons and Dragons players. It’s gone from a passing interest in RPGs to a full-fledged love of the genre. This means that every reason we have to celebrate is also a reason to somehow bring D&D into the mix. The latest example is the dragon cake that I’ll be picking ... More »

If You’re an RPG Player, You Need The ‘Adventure Case’

A gamer’s life is one giant struggle to organize all their stuff. Board game players deal with games pieces, miniature wargamers deal with models, and RPG players have dice and minis and pencils. GMs have the added challenge of hiding it all from players. Enter, the Adventure Case, which is the coolest thing I have ... More »

My Daughter Spent This Whole Week Prepping To DM Her First D&D Game

It’s a fair thing to say that my family loves playing D&D and that it’s become the game of the moment over the last few weeks. My husband has been running a game with the kids and their cousins for several months, but it’s a challenge for him to find the time to plan everything. ... More »

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