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Dear Once Upon a Time, Stop Trying to Make Villains Good

Once upon a time, there was a television series that took all the characters from your childhood storybooks and brought them into the real world. They were the exact same characters, but different because they’d forgotten who they were in the fairy tale world. The one thing that didn’t change was that the good guys ... More »

Review: Cinderella And Why I Loved It

First, I should go on record saying that I am a bit of a Disney fan. Once upon a time, I was a Cast Member at our local Disney Store and I’ve never lost my love of all things Disney. Still, when this movie came out I was nervous. Cinderella is one of the big classics ... More »

Jack The Giant Slayer, You Disappoint

I took the family to see Jack the Giant Slayer on Sunday afternoon. The theater was packed with happy people by the time the movie started, but by the time it ended the vibe was decidedly more somber. Even my kids only thought it was okay, so what went wrong? I’ll tell you. (Spoilers Ahead!) ... More »

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