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Why Our Drive Home From GenCon Always Involves Ice Cream

I love road trips. There’s nothing quite so fun as piling the family into the car and heading for parts unknown. I know, some parents hate the thought of spending hours in the car with their kids, but we love it. Part of the reason we love it so much is that we stop at ... More »

There Be Nerds in Alaska and They Like to Zipline [Video]

We have just returned from a wonderful Alaskan cruise. This was my first cruise and my first trip to Alaska so it was a very big deal. Months of planning finally got us there and we had a wonderful time aboard the Disney Wonder. We ate too much and drank too much and had all ... More »

5 Things You Must Do At GenCon

GenCon, held each summer in Indianapolis, Indiana, touts itself as “The Best Four Days in Gaming.” The focus isn’t on video games, but on board games, card games, role-playing games, and miniature wargames. It’s the unplugged game convention and it is a massive affair. You cannot possibly see and do it all, but having just ... More »

5 Nerdy Family Weekend Getaways to Try This Summer

Vacations that last for a week are the kinds of things that need lots of planning. You don’t up and head out for that long on the spur of the moment, but you absolutely can do that for a weekend. It’s the perfect way to recharge in between those big vacations and it doesn’t require ... More »

REVIEW: Heebie Jeebies Board Game Brings the Laughs

The sound of nails on a chalkboard. Wedgies. Mimes. These are all things that no one likes and they’ve been turned into a fun party game called Heebie Jeebies. The idea is to try and guess what things freak out your friends the most. The game will have everyone laughing, and cringing, as each new ... More »

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