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Twitter: Remember When it Was Simply Fun?

Remember when Twitter was new? I mean really new and most people looked at you and cocked their head kind of funny like you were a nut when you asked, “Are you on Twitter?” Yeah, that was a long time ago and twitter is a whole different ballgame now. Except, one of my friends started ... More »

REVIEW: Heebie Jeebies Board Game Brings the Laughs

The sound of nails on a chalkboard. Wedgies. Mimes. These are all things that no one likes and they’ve been turned into a fun party game called Heebie Jeebies. The idea is to try and guess what things freak out your friends the most. The game will have everyone laughing, and cringing, as each new ... More »

VIDEO: Honda HR-V Selfie Edition? Happy April Fools’ Day!

April Fool’s Day has become not just a day when we prank each other, but a day when companies prank us, too. There isn’t a soul out there who hasn’t done a momentary double-take at a headline debuting a ridiculous product. Unicorn meat? Voltron cat condo? Oh, that’s right it’s April 1st. This year, the ... More »

Play ‘Squirrel or Die’ And Hope You Make it Out Alive

Squirrel or Die by Fight in a Box This weekend we went to PaddyCon. It’s our good friend Craig’s annual board gaming extravaganza. He’s got a zillion games, people bring a zillion more, and his wife makes corned beef and cabbage in keeping with the St. Patrick’s Day theme. Amid all the games, the one ... More »

Pictomania Is Our New Family Favorite Board Game

Pictomania by Stronghold Games This weekend we broke out a game that we’ve never played before, Pictomania, and had a ridiculous amount of fun playing it with the kids. It’s a drawing game, but instead of working in teams its every man for himself and you all have to draw pictures every time. Each player ... More »

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