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What if Tyrion Dies on Game of Thrones?

I’ve had the theme music for Game of Thrones stuck in my head for the last two hours. There’s no reason for this, but it’s stuck in my head anyway. I took to twitter to complain, like you do, and immediately had people making fun of me, like people do. In the midst of it ... More »

Everyone Has FIFA Fever And I’m a Clueless Nerd Girl

You’ll all be shocked to hear this but I am not a jock. I’m not good at sports and never have been and I only watch football on occasion. This one, small bit of sports knowledge I credit to my parents who were from Pittsburgh and were avid Steelers fans. Otherwise, I’d be clueless on ... More »

Was “Game of Thrones” Really That Surprising?

When the last episode of Game of Thrones aired this weekend, the internet exploded. If you listened carefully you could actually hear the collective gasp as things happened. I’m not going to say what things because this is a SPOILER FREE post, but let’s just say they were big. But was the ending really all ... More »

My Front Door Looks Like “Skyrim”

Look at all those doors! We really need a new front door. The old one is a door in the loosest sense of the word and I think it lets in more cold during the winter than it keeps out at this point. It desperately needs to be replaced so as a responsible homeowner I ... More »

I Only Watch Game Of Thrones For Tyrion Lannister

Game of Thrones is huge. It’s massive. It’s a behemoth of a series that has sucked in devout fans of the books and even those who’d never heard of the books until the HBO series arrived. I fall in the later camp, but it isn’t the settings or story or costuming that keep me coming ... More »

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