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If You’re an RPG Player, You Need The ‘Adventure Case’

A gamer’s life is one giant struggle to organize all their stuff. Board game players deal with games pieces, miniature wargamers deal with models, and RPG players have dice and minis and pencils. GMs have the added challenge of hiding it all from players. Enter, the Adventure Case, which is the coolest thing I have ... More »

Game Review: Doctor Who The Card Game

The latest season of Doctor Who just started, so I think it’s the perfect time to review the brand new game release, Doctor Who: The Card Game. I got a copy of this at GenCon and, as a fan of The Doctor, was thrilled to finally get a chance to play over the weekend. The ... More »

Magic the Gathering, Seinfeld and Dating

Once again the Geekverse is in a genuine tizzy. Tempers are flaring. Tweets are flying and everyone is crying foul over a Gizmodo post by Alyssa Bereznak. The post will likely make you angry enough to flex your fingers in preparation of firing an angry missive in her general direction. Why? Because she was horribly critical of a recent date set up through an ... More »

PAX East: A Gamer’s Paradise

After spending last weekend at PAX East I am happy, exhausted and enveloped in that post-con mix of joy over having spent three days with people who “get me” and sadness over those three days being over.  This is truly my favorite con and I look forward to it all year.  There’s a warm, fuzziness to PAX that ... More »

PAX East 2011

Last weekend the second annual PAX East was held in Boston, MA and it was fantastic!  It was held in the newer and much larger Boston Convention and Exposition Center this year.  The new digs meant there was plenty of room for everyone and lines didn’t have to wrap all the way through the hall in weird patterns that only a ... More »

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