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Our Epic Family Road Trip to GenCon

We’ve been to GenCon for the last five years, but it has always just been me and my husband. We’ve flown out and driven out and decided that driving is more fun. Flying can be a hassle and I love road trips, so we always stop at fun places along the way. World’s largest ball ... More »

Those Photos Of Gamers With Buttcrack? Not Cool.

The geek community is quick to rally around those who need our support, which is one of the things that makes being a part of it so wonderful. We stand up when we see a wrong committed against one of our own and a lot of the time that wrong involves bullying. When cosplayers are ... More »

My Front Door Looks Like “Skyrim”

Look at all those doors! We really need a new front door. The old one is a door in the loosest sense of the word and I think it lets in more cold during the winter than it keeps out at this point. It desperately needs to be replaced so as a responsible homeowner I ... More »

PAX East, Is It Over Already?!

Three days of games, games, and more games at PAX East have just come to an end and I am already counting the days until next year. It always seems like three days will be plenty of time to see and do it all, but I still walk away every Sunday wishing I had just ... More »

My Little Girls Play “Halo”, Get Over It

My kids play Halo 4. One is eight and one is ten and they have a ridiculous amount of fun playing with each other and with their Dad. I don’t play with them only because I am terrible at Halo. I’ve also been schooled by my kids enough times to know a lost cause, but they ... More »

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