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Happy Geek Pride Day! What Kind of Geek Are You? [Infographic]

Sunday, May 25th is Geek Pride Day so geeks of all fandoms will be celebrating the things they love with parties and treats and, of course, cosplay. But with all of the wonderful things out there that a person can celebrate, how does a geek decide which of their fandoms to embrace that day? You ... More »

Those Photos Of Gamers With Buttcrack? Not Cool.

The geek community is quick to rally around those who need our support, which is one of the things that makes being a part of it so wonderful. We stand up when we see a wrong committed against one of our own and a lot of the time that wrong involves bullying. When cosplayers are ... More »

Geek Girls Need The Internet Like Fish Need Water

One of my favorite geek girls – @riellygeek You might think, being what one might call a geek girl, that I am surrounded by wonderfully geeky people all day every day. You’d think we hang out enjoying overpriced coffees at the local independent coffee shop while we discuss the latest happenings on S.H.I.E.L.D or how ... More »

Surviving Holiday Small Talk When You’re a Geek

The holidays are a joyous time, but they can be difficult, especially when you’re a geek. It’s not that it’s harder for geeks to cook a turkey or trim a tree, but that it’s harder for us to survive the small talk at all those parties. We want to talk about the Doctor Who 50th ... More »

The GeekMoms Podcast #30: Help Your Geek Kids Feel Like They Belong

It’s tough fitting in as a kid but it can feel impossible if you’re a geeky kid. Your kids might be into less mainstream things because you’re a geeky parent or because they happened to gravitate toward fantasy or science fiction all on their own. Either way, it can leave them feeling like no one ... More »

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