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Hey Nerf…Where Are The Girls?

This weekend my husband went out with our daughters and bought himself them some new Nerf guns. They did not even remotely need these as we already have enough to equip the entire neighborhood, but that was irrelevant. Why? Because there’s this super-cool, new, never before seen, must have technology that shoots little discs instead ... More »

A Heroine For Girls PrinceLess Issue #2

The second issue of PrinceLess sees our brave heroine, Princess Adrienne, embarking on a quest to save her sisters from their tower prisons. We also learn that it’s not just the girls in the kingdom who are being forced to live their lives the way the King wants, their own wishes be darned. Now that ... More »

The Princess Saves Herself in Princeless

Behold, a beautiful princess is trapped in a tower guarded by a fierce dragon and only the bravest knight in the land can save her from her terrible fate. Oh, woe is the helpless maiden! Yeah, that’s not this story. This comic, which is the first in a series of four, is all about a ... More »

Geek Girls Network Podcast #34 Best Backseat Games, Christmas Shopping and a Contest

In this episode we review the Muppet Movie, talk about the rumored Dr. Who movie and rant about the season break of The Walking Dead. We also talk about the best games for backseat gamers. Skyrim is not on that list. And with only 18 days until Christmas, we break down the best online shops to fill all your Christmas needs. ... More »

The D6 Generation Podcast #92 Kristin Rielly of Geek Girls Network

This time out I’m joined by Kristin Rielly, my co-host/partner in crime on the Geek Girls Network podcast. We talk about the yawn-fest that is Skyrim and the odd fascination the guys have for wandering aimlessly through its forests and towns. Oh, and there be dragons, but there just aren’t enough. Download the episode and head to the 2hr ... More »

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