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Happy Geek Pride Day! What Kind of Geek Are You? [Infographic]

Sunday, May 25th is Geek Pride Day so geeks of all fandoms will be celebrating the things they love with parties and treats and, of course, cosplay. But with all of the wonderful things out there that a person can celebrate, how does a geek decide which of their fandoms to embrace that day? You ... More »

I’m a Geek, I Have Nothing To Prove, Neither Do You

The Doubleclicks video for Nothing to Prove popped up on my facebook page this morning because a friend who thought I’d appreciate it tagged me in his post. He was right. So very, very right. Not only was he right because it features amazing, proud geek girls, but because it features amazing proud geeks of ... More »

Painting All Gamers With A Sexist Brush

I’m a gamer. I’m not a particularly good one and definitely not a hardcore gamer, but the I still wear the label. I play a little bit of everything from board games to RPGs to console games. I’ve even become momentarily addicted to little iPhone games. I’ve been gaming since I started dating my husband ... More »

The GeekMoms Podcast #21 All About LARPing

LARPing or Live Action Role Playing is an incredibly popular and misunderstood part of geek culture. The image many have of loners who live in their parents’ basements eating junk food only to emerge on the weekends as wizards and warriors couldn’t be further from the truth. Lizzie Stark decided to find out just what ... More »

On Proving Geek Cred

Real Geek Girls or Not? Image: Nicole Wakelin I don’t need to prove my geek cred to anyone. Neither do you. In fact, the idea that we need to prove anything about how we self-identify is ridiculous. If I see myself as a geek because I like (insert topic here) then that should be good enough. ... More »

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