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Harrison Ford is Back For “Star Wars” And That’s All I Care About

The official Star Wars casting announcement came out yesterday, confirming what we all pretty much have known for weeks. Original cast members Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford are all coming back, but it’s really that last one that has me buying in hook, line, and sinker. Over the years, Ford has waxed not so ... More »

Luke Skywalker Will Always be My Favorite

Today is Mark Hamill’s 61st birthday so I figure it’s the perfect time to fess up that, although Han Solo is cool, Luke Skywalker is cooler. He is my favorite. I’ve had a crush on him for 35 years since he first whined about going to Tosche Station for those power converters. I was all ... More »

Star Wars Kinect, Han Solo, Galactic Dance Off

Of all the things I nerd out over, and the list is a long one, Star Wars is at the top. This makes today a very special day because it marks the release of the Star Wars Kinect game and Xbox 360 styled like R2-D2 with a Threepio controller. I played the demo and thought ... More »

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