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Why ‘The Flash’ is Now My Favorite

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve fallen seriously behind on my favorite shows, including The Flash. I managed to catch up on Arrow and was completely confused by the finale so, given that the two are so entwined, I was nervous about The Flash. Turns out, the finale was one of the best episodes ... More »

Teenage Mutant Ninja Alien Zombie Cyborgs

I am a big fan of the heroes in a half-shell and have happy memories of watching the first run of cartoons years ago. I know the theme song by heart and there is still a much-loved plastic cereal bowl in my kitchen cabinet that came attached to a box of cereal. I was in college ... More »

A Heroine For Girls PrinceLess Issue #2

The second issue of PrinceLess sees our brave heroine, Princess Adrienne, embarking on a quest to save her sisters from their tower prisons. We also learn that it’s not just the girls in the kingdom who are being forced to live their lives the way the King wants, their own wishes be darned. Now that ... More »

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