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My Easter Was All About Nerd Egg Wars

These were their game faces. Aren’t you terrified? Every holiday has its traditions and every family has their own spin on those traditions. Egg Wars is one of our favorites. It was something my husband’s family always celebrated at Easter and, since we’ve all had kids, it has grown into something huge. The idea is ... More »

The Twelve Days of Geeksmas

On the first day of Geeksmas my true love gave to me, the One Ring just for me. On the second day of Geeksmas my true love gave to me, two Ninja Turtles, and the One Ring just for me. On the third day of Geeksmas my true love gave to me, three Shiny Browncoats ... More »

Give Batman A Hug, It’s Bat Appreciation Day!

The Batman, Image: Nicole Wakelin There are lots of special days honoring one thing or another and some of them are a bit odd. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw “Bat Appreciation Day!” pop up in my sidebar today when I checked my e-mail. I wondered what the heck I had done to make ... More »

Best Christmas Specials, Ever.

I love all the classic holiday stuff you see on television each December. Even though I have most of my favorites on DVD there’s something special about seeing them when they’re actually being aired. It doesn’t count if you record them or stream them later. I’m talking about the random channel surfing that suddenly turns up ... More »

My Geek Christmas

Image: Nicole Wakelin I think geeks are particularly fond of the holidays because it gives us a chance to act a bit silly and child-like without the usual number of odd looks. At Halloween you can break out the cosplay and no one will call the cops. On Independence Day you can set off all manner of ... More »

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