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How Not to Go Crazy Traveling With Kids

Our family loves to travel and my husband and I have been taking the kids on trips since they were infants. We were those crazy people that showed up at Walt Disney World with a 5-month-old even though everyone said she wouldn’t remember a thing so, why bother? People also told us it would be ... More »

Finally, My Girls are Reading Harry Potter!

The first movie we took our oldest daughter to see was Harry Potter. We went to a matinee when she was an infant and we didn’t have a sitter so we brought her in that little car seat carrier that weighed a ton. Rose was quiet as a mouse until the last half hour and ... More »

My Girls Have Big RPG Plans For GenCon

We took our daughters to GenCon for the first time last year. It was a big deal for all of us. My husband and I were nervous that it would be too much or that they just wouldn’t like it and the kids were nervous that it wouldn’t be fun. All our worries were unfounded ... More »

Today is The Day of the Dragon Cake

My kids are becoming avid Dungeons and Dragons players. It’s gone from a passing interest in RPGs to a full-fledged love of the genre. This means that every reason we have to celebrate is also a reason to somehow bring D&D into the mix. The latest example is the dragon cake that I’ll be picking ... More »

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