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Totoro Meeples Have Convinced Me to Finally Watch My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro is hugely popular. He’s on shirts and mugs and people even cosplay the character at conventions. I know exactly who he is, but I have never watched My Neighbor Totoro. It all stems from not being a fan of anime, but dang is Totoro cute. I came across a bag of Totoro meeples at ... More »

I Don’t Understand Why People Reread Books

Ever since I learned to read in first grade I have been an avid reader. There have been times when life gets in the way of my reading habit, darn kids and work and adult responsibility, but I can easily lose myself in a book for hours. More than one morning has come too early ... More »

Mad Max: Fury Road, Was it The Best One Yet?

Mad Max: Fury Road opened last week and I could not wait for Saturday night. It was our first chance to see the movie and it was a little like waiting for Christmas. Only this was a Christmas filled with cars and explosions and, well, that’s pretty much the deal. It was amazing. The original ... More »

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is Finally Here!

Mad Max: Fury Road Sometimes the things you like come together in the most fabulous way possible. I like movies. I like cars. I like futuristic, apocalyptic craziness. That’s exactly what I’m expecting to get when I walk into the theater to see Mad Max: Fury Road. I do have one confession. I’m not sure I’ve ... More »

Why I Might Skip ‘Ant-Man’

There’s no denying that I am a big fan of superhero movies. I go to see every one, even if the property is new to me. Guardians of the Galaxy was a complete unknown when I stepped into the theater and it is now one of my favorite movies. I’m game for anything superhero, comic book, or sci-fi ... More »

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