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NASA Pokes Fun at GLaDOS, Dooms Us All With Bacon

There’s this cute little video making the rounds right now with GLaDOS explaining the difference between fusion and fission for NASA as part of a public outreach program. It’s immediately obvious to everyone, especially GLaDOS, that this could lead to her becoming the ultimate power in the universe, yet NASA thought this was a good ... More »

The GeekMoms Podcast #27: Fight For Space, Reigniting Our Passion For Space Exploration

Have you ever wondered how the US got to the point where funding missions to space just isn’t that important? Paul Hildebrandt wondered, and he’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary and answer that question. I talk with Paul about Fight For Space: Exploring the Future of Manned Spaceflight and learn what he hopes to achieve ... More »

Join Me In The Fight For Space

I have been in love with space since I was a little kid. It started while watching episodes of the original Star Trek with my Dad. I knew we didn’t have ships like the USS Enterprise and that we couldn’t travel to other planets, but I always felt, always knew, that it was just a matter ... More »

SpaceX Takes the Fiction out of Sci-Fi

The first science fiction I ever got hooked on was Star Trek because my dad watched endless reruns of the original series and I watched, too. Hours of boldly going had me wanting to join Starfleet and fly into space, but Star Trek is science fiction and the whole fiction part of that posed a ... More »

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