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RadioShack Can Help You #GiftSmart This Year

Thanksgiving is upon us and Santa has already dropped some cool gadgets at my door. Those gadgets came wrapped in a big white box with a red bow, and now both my husband and kids are getting something a little early this year from RadioShack. They asked me to check out some products as a ... More »

The GeekMoms Podcast #25: First Lego League Global Innovation Award Interview

This week I’m joined by two members of the First Lego League team Moderately Confused which recently won the Global Innovation Award. Arjun Kumar and Jacob Hoylman talk about how they got involved in First Lego League and the process that led to their team winning the $250,000 award to bring the team’s product to market. Listen in as ... More »

NASA, Shuttles and Space for the Future

Space Shuttle Columbia STS-1 One of my favorite memories of this summer is the day I sat with my daughter snuggled in my lap and watched the final space shuttle launch. As Atlantis took to the skies, I wiped away tears and tried to explain to her why Mommy was crying over a spaceship. This is a little ... More »

Robonaut: NASA vs Lucasfilm vs Stark Industries

Robots are cool. The first robot I remember was Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still. I thought he was amazing. An alien robot who didn’t talk, he guarded his master’s spaceship with fierce devotion and shot a laser beam from his head that destroyed puny Earth weaponry without hurting anyone. I wanted a Gort to guard ... More »

Disney Store Vinylmation Robots

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m a sucker for all things Disney.  That adorable little mouse with his giant ears and cute clothes and happy laugh.  How can anyone not like The Mouse?  It’s impossible.  If you don’t like him you’re either a replicant or a Cylon.  I love him, which secures my place ... More »

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