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Why Avoiding Star Wars at Disney World is Impossible

This weekend we planned an escape to Walt Disney World in Florida. This isn’t a full-blown vacation, just a long weekend to get away from things and have some fun. It is warm and sunny and wonderful, but I am finding one thing to be an unexpected challenge. There is Star Wars everywhere and I ... More »

The Bounty Hunter Mayhem of Killjoys

It seems like there are suddenly quite a few choices if you’re looking to get your fix of science fiction programming on television. This is something that makes me very happy as there wasn’t a heck of a lot out there worth watching not too long ago. One new show that I’m loving to bits ... More »

Defiance Returns With a Bang, You Must Watch This Show!

Earlier this month, I shared the reasons you should be watching the SyFy series Defiance. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves and was in real danger of not coming back for a third season. Now it is back, and it kicked things off with a bang. The Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode has ... More »

Why You Should Be Watching Defiance

I’ve always loved sci-fi whether it’s books or television or movies. There’s something about the existence of aliens and worlds that we’ve never even seen that I find intriguing. Especially on television, good science fiction is hard to come by which makes Defiance¬†a rare gem. The show takes place on an Earth that is barely ... More »

5 Reasons You Should be Watching Orphan Black

In my never-ending quest to watch all the television shows, I’ve once again delved into Orphan Black. I first discovered this show halfway through last season and binge watched all the episodes in just a few days. Now I’m behind on the current season and the binge watching will commence this weekend. Here are 5 ... More »

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