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NASA Pokes Fun at GLaDOS, Dooms Us All With Bacon

There’s this cute little video making the rounds right now with GLaDOS explaining the difference between fusion and fission for NASA as part of a public outreach program. It’s immediately obvious to everyone, especially GLaDOS, that this could lead to her becoming the ultimate power in the universe, yet NASA thought this was a good ... More »

The GeekMoms Podcast #35: Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Program Inspires Kids To Invent

In this episode, I get to do a face-to-face interview with the kids on the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam from Nashua North High School in Nashua, New Hampshire. They started working on a bacteria powered battery at the end of last year and have just received a grant to make it a reality. I talk with some of the kids on the team ... More »

Step Up Your Game, Revolution, Please?

The previews for this show looked amazing. It had sword fights and crossbows and a mystery that looked, well, mysterious. I couldn’t wait to see the premiere. Now I’ve seen it and instead of being happy, I’m horribly disappointed. It was at the top of my must-see shows list for the new Fall season. So far, ... More »

Join Me In The Fight For Space

I have been in love with space since I was a little kid. It started while watching episodes of the original Star Trek with my Dad. I knew we didn’t have ships like the USS Enterprise and that we couldn’t travel to other planets, but I always felt, always knew, that it was just a matter ... More »

World’s Most Powerful Laser Needs World’s Most Powerful Shark

Every now and then I see a headline and my brain switches so firmly into geek mode that I shock myself. That’s what happened when I read “World’s Most Powerful Laser Shot Ever Fired” while aimlessly surfing the internet and refusing to be productive. This is a very cool scientific event and the article included some ... More »

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