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Remembering The Fun of Board Games With “Galactic Strike Force”

Board games are the perfect way to spend the weekend, and this weekend I had the chance to indulge my inner gamer and play Galactic Strike Force. I missed out on PAX East this year, so I was suffering from a little board game withdrawal and this was the perfect fix. It also happened to ... More »

SpaceX Takes the Fiction out of Sci-Fi

The first science fiction I ever got hooked on was Star Trek because my dad watched endless reruns of the original series and I watched, too. Hours of boldly going had me wanting to join Starfleet and fly into space, but Star Trek is science fiction and the whole fiction part of that posed a ... More »

Prometheus, Alien and Surviving A Space Expedition

I was a kid when the first Alien movie debuted and the commercials scared me half to death. That old trailer still makes my heart race and I have to turn on every light in the house. Like right now. My home is now a glowing beacon of light. And I’m sitting here debating my ... More »

Evil Will Always Triumph Because Good Is Dumb

As a fan of science fiction and fantasy, I know that a suspension of disbelief is required to enjoy a story. Even one set in modern day New York City is going to ring a bit untrue to many of us unless we’re willing to accept that it’s not going to be perfectly accurate in every ... More »

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