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The D6 Generation Podcast #93 Fandom Feuds

It’s a war that’s been waged for years. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Most of us long ago took sides but there is a much greater threat in the universe and the amazing George Takei has made it his mission to refocus sci-fi fans to point our phasers, blasters and proton torpedoes in one united direction. It involves taking ... More »

My Geek Christmas

Image: Nicole Wakelin I think geeks are particularly fond of the holidays because it gives us a chance to act a bit silly and child-like without the usual number of odd looks. At Halloween you can break out the cosplay and no one will call the cops. On Independence Day you can set off all manner of ... More »

Sci-Fi, Where Are You?

Mal and Kaylee at NYCC, Image: Nicole Wakelin Several years ago we ditched cable because it seemed we were getting more reality shows than anything else and paying a ridiculous amount for the privilege. Instead we stream the shows we want to see and even paying by the episode for a few still puts us ahead ... More »

In Defense of Cons and Cosplayers

Aimin’ to Misbehave, Image: Nicole Wakelin One of my favorite parts of attending a con is the cosplay. Seeing people dressed like Superman or Batman or Princess Leia is a big part of the experience. You don’t have to wait in lines or hope they’ll stop long enough for you to snap a picture because ... More »

New York Comic Con: Something for Everyone

 Their hammers are their… I’ve just returned from the geek extravaganza that is New York Comic Con, one of my favorite weekends of the year. Sure, it’s not as big as San Diego Comic-Con and it doesn’t have as many celebrity appearances, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. In fact, by losing ... More »

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