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The The X-Files Season 10 Review, Let it Simmer, It’s Fantastic

The X-Files finished up its six-episode Season 10 last Sunday night. It’s taken me since then to figure out if I’m angry or happy or confused by it all. Turns out, it’s a little of each. If you haven’t watched the full season, then read no further because there are spoilers for the whole season ... More »

The Bounty Hunter Mayhem of Killjoys

It seems like there are suddenly quite a few choices if you’re looking to get your fix of science fiction programming on television. This is something that makes me very happy as there wasn’t a heck of a lot out there worth watching not too long ago. One new show that I’m loving to bits ... More »

Defiance Returns With a Bang, You Must Watch This Show!

Earlier this month, I shared the reasons you should be watching the SyFy series Defiance. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves and was in real danger of not coming back for a third season. Now it is back, and it kicked things off with a bang. The Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode has ... More »

The Game of Thrones Season Finale Did Not Impress

Last night I finally had the chance to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones. I even stayed up late and am a little bleary-eyed because I desperately wanted to watch before every last detail was revealed online. Now I sit here with my cup of caffeine and I’m sad that I stayed up ... More »

I Want to Believe in The X-Files Miniseries, But….

I did not start watching The X-Files with the first episode of the show because it looked too creepy. Yes, I love science fiction and have watched plenty of horror, but the previews for the show creeped me out. I did not want to watch a show that would scare me on a weekly basis ... More »

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