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“The Orville” First Look: Will the “Star Trek” Parody Work?

The trailer for the upcoming Fox series The Orville is making the rounds this morning. It debuted yesterday and now everyone is all kinds of excited to see Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek parody or Star Trek-inspired comedy or whatever the heck you want to call this sci-fi tidbit. I loved the trailer for about 15 ... More »

The The X-Files Season 10 Review, Let it Simmer, It’s Fantastic

The X-Files finished up its six-episode Season 10 last Sunday night. It’s taken me since then to figure out if I’m angry or happy or confused by it all. Turns out, it’s a little of each. If you haven’t watched the full season, then read no further because there are spoilers for the whole season ... More »

The Bounty Hunter Mayhem of Killjoys

It seems like there are suddenly quite a few choices if you’re looking to get your fix of science fiction programming on television. This is something that makes me very happy as there wasn’t a heck of a lot out there worth watching not too long ago. One new show that I’m loving to bits ... More »

Defiance Returns With a Bang, You Must Watch This Show!

Earlier this month, I shared the reasons you should be watching the SyFy series Defiance. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves and was in real danger of not coming back for a third season. Now it is back, and it kicked things off with a bang. The Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode has ... More »

The Game of Thrones Season Finale Did Not Impress

Last night I finally had the chance to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones. I even stayed up late and am a little bleary-eyed because I desperately wanted to watch before every last detail was revealed online. Now I sit here with my cup of caffeine and I’m sad that I stayed up ... More »

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