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Giveaway: Win an Xbox One and Forza Motorsport 5

The weekend is almost here so it’s just about time to kick back and relax. Your weekends will be even better with a new Xbox One along with Forza 5 Motorsport and BestRide is giving one away! This is a photo contest, but it’s not all about photographic skill. The rules are simple. All you ... More »

Letting the Kids Skip School to Play Games

School is very important and when I was a kid I had perfect attendance most years. I have evidence of this feat in the form of little blue certificates of merit that were handed out at the end of the school year. Most of the time it was me and maybe one or two other ... More »

NASA Pokes Fun at GLaDOS, Dooms Us All With Bacon

There’s this cute little video making the rounds right now with GLaDOS explaining the difference between fusion and fission for NASA as part of a public outreach program. It’s immediately obvious to everyone, especially GLaDOS, that this could lead to her becoming the ultimate power in the universe, yet NASA thought this was a good ... More »

In Defense Of Screen Time For Kids

My little video gamers at PAX East 2011 My kids get lots of screen time and they are perfectly happy, healthy little girls. There. I said it. I let my kids use their computers and phones to play games and they play quite a bit. Minecraft is a perennial favorite but other games come and ... More »

The GeekMoms Podcast #36: Deciphering Video Game Ratings

Plenty of kids have put video games and consoles on their wish lists this year. If you’re a gamer parent, then you know what your kid can handle, but if you’re not, how do you know what’s okay? Not all games are created equal, even with the same E or T rating and it’s confusing ... More »

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